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Exceptional customer service combined with our vast array of stackable digital products – customized to fulfill all your unique marketing needs.

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Digital Services

Predatory Targeting

Predatory Targeting is an exclusive product only offered by CEO Marketing and it’s our way to advertise through video and/or display to people actively shopping on your competitor’s websites for what you sell! Literally, we capture devices, with no cookie or pixel on the competitors’ websites and then deliver your custom offer/message. What could be more targeted than that?

Precision Geo-Coding

We convert home addresses to lat/long creating a micro geo fence so you can advertise through video and display at a household level. Sold Match reporting is offered where we can get the Client’s monthly sales data.

Precision Geo-Fencing

We create polygon geo fences around competitor brick and mortar locations and capture mobile devices that enter the location. We can then serve both display and video to those devices as well as track conversions of those devices then going to the Clients’ location.

Precision OTT – Streaming

We offer Over-The-Top streaming advertising with 30 second non-skippable video. OTT is the fastest growing video segment and with over 820 million devices streaming. Our OTT publishers include Firestick, Roku, Crackle, Apple, Pluto, Tubi and hundreds of other streaming channels like ESPN, Discovery, and HGTV just to name a few. We also offer the ability to serve video across multiple devices or solely large screen smart TVs.

B.I. Pixel

Our Bi Pixel is an embedded line of code put on the Client’s website that captures website viewer personal information such as name, address, phone number, email address, age, gender, home ownership status and more.

Precision Social

A data aggregator which allows us to convert offline data into custom audiences for campaigns on all major social platforms.

Ad Word Search

Unlike most digital companies, we offer turn-key Google Ad Words campaigns (Paid keyword search) without the high dollar minimum budgets.

SEO Auditing

We offer complete Search Engine Optimization audits and detailed resolutions.

Keyword/Contextual Targeting

Outside of Google Ad Words (paid search) we can also capture devices based on the keywords searched or in articles read online and follow those devices with both display and video.

Behavioral Targeting

We have the capability to target custom audiences built around your audience’s interests and on-line shopping behavior. Our newest offering in this segment is to be able to advertise to consumers based on Amazon 1st party data.

App-Specific Targeting

We have the capability to target devices that have download specific apps.

Site Retargeting

We have a pixel installed on the Client’s website and it captures devices that go to the site and then retargets them with display ads.