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Geo Fencing & Geo Coding

Gain exponential reach with innovative techniques of geo fencing and geo coding and get the word out about your brand to the right audience.

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How It Works

Brick and Motor

We create a virtual polygon around all the competitor’s locations within a marketplace, collect mobile device ids entering that location, and then start serving ads at a predetermined frequency.

House Hold address

For certain marketing campaigns, we target an audience obtained by a physical address based on a specific demographic such as homeowner age, income, vehicle, own, and much more. Through proprietary software geo coding each physical address on the list, we are able to serve mobile display at a household.

Here is the process that helps you direct the right target audience towards your brand:

Step 1: Select your competitor and create a Geo-fence perimeter around the target location.

Step 2: Customers enter the area, which triggers the software to capture their mobile device ids via GPS.

Step 3: Your mobile ads are displayed to the customer’s device as they browse the web, directing them to your website.

Step 4: Monthly reports will track consumer interaction at each location and show if they entered the store.