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The Most Complete Mobile Marketing Solution!

Dominate your market with Precision Mobile, our fully-integrated mobile platform designed to engage with consumers during their buying cycles. Our technology offers unparalleled accuracy, undeniable results, and comprehensive reporting. Choose your product based on GPS location, brand specific searches, or audience demographics.


Advertise to consumers exactly where they live, work, shop, and play! Utilizing GPS-enabled navigational data allows us to pinpoint a physical location based on latitude & longitude, down to the nearest foot. Gain an exponential advantage over traditional advertising by selecting exactly WHERE we want to deliver your message. Is it a home, neighborhood, office building, mall, events center, or tradeshow? Any smartphone or mobile device that crosses the imaginary ‘line’ will trigger a response within the software to capture the Mobile Device ID and follow it, for up to 6+ months. We can easily track the devices to measure & predict the customer’s buying cycles.  Propel your digital marketing to the highest level using lifestyle predictors combined with location technology! 



What the heck is OTT and CTV?
OTT refers to accessing TV content “over-the-top” of analogue and cable providers. Video content is delivered via the internet without a subscription to traditional cable or satellite TV service.  CTV, or “connected tv”, is the device with which you view this content, such as a Roku. Information is consumed through an app or browser and includes both SVOD (subscription or streaming video on demand) as well as ad- supported content. 

Target Small Screens & Big Screens!

Reach potential customers whether they consume video content on a mobile, smart device (small screen) or on a TV in the privacy of their own home (big screen).
•  Non-skippable video ads placed within relevant, streamed content
•  Reach a new breed of consumers in ways that traditional media can’t
•  In-app or in-browser formats, including geo-coding
•  Unparalleled variety of ad lengths to choose from
•  Maximum impact when OTT is combined with precise digital

Get in Front of the Cord-Cutters in 3 Ways!

Our technology can target cord-cutters based on their: 

  1. Address- geo-coding to their physical address!
  2. Behavior – track consumers’ online footprint
  3. Demographic – supplemental data


Everything you do online leaves a ‘Digital Footprint’

Digitally advertise to EVERYBODY shopping for the new vehicle brand you sell, on both the OEM and other dealersips’ websites!

Advertise the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time!


72% of new car buyers will start their research phase on the OEM websites

Shopper begins their vehicle buying journey online. We will “find & follow” their digital footprint from national to local websites.


50% of shoppers will search at least 3 local dealer sites to view inventory

Shopper browses inventory from 3+ local competitor websites. We follow them on their journey and serve them your ads.


The average shopper will visit 2 car lots immediately before purchasing

Shopper clicks the ads and is directed to YOUR website. Clicks to convert to Leads.


4-5X increase in CTR by serving highly-relevant ads

Shopper then visits your lot an them becomes a customer!

  • Increase Pump-Out, Decrease Pump-In!
  • Guaranteed Results!
  • Win MORE Market Share!
  • Market Exclusivity: One Dealer Per Franchise in Each Market!



A Geo-fence is defined as a virtual geographic boundary, defined by Wifi, Cell Tower Triangulation, RFID or GPS technology, that enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a predetermined location, either by a radius (as small as 1 mile) or by the actual device GPS location (as small as inches).

How Does Geo-fencing Work?

Step 1

Competitor Locations

Determine the location of your competitor who’s customers you’d like to market to.

Step 2

Define The Perimeter

Create a polygon geo-fence perimeter around each target location.

Step 3

Identify Customers

Customers enter the targeted location which triggers software to detect the device.

Step 4

Capture Mobile Devices

The mobile device ID is captured by either the Location Services enabled or by the GPS from open apps running in the background.

Step 5

Serve Ads

Mobile Display Ads are then served to the device as the consumer engages with apps and/or websites.

Step 6

Direct Traffic

When a consumer clicks on the ad they are directed to your website.

Step 7

View Reports

Monthly reports will show consumer interaction from each target location. In addition, Precision Mobile reports also tracks the device’s GPS from any ad clicked and then physically entering your store location.

Precision Mobile Core Strategies

Target Competition

Geo-fence Competitor Brick and Mortar Locations

Household Specific

Geo-fence Household Specific locations

Geo-fence Events

Target you core audience as they attend an Event and for up to 6 months after

Customer Retention

Geo-fence your own location for Loyalty Campaigns

Put your message directly on the social media of devices shopping at your competition (via GPS Geo-fence) OR from offline data such as a Customer List or a Purchased Demographic List. Utilizing proprietary software we offer “cutting-edge” data services that will allow our clients to spend their ad dollars hyper-focused on their exact audience.

Effective 10/1/2018 Facebook will no longer be selling 3rd party data. Precision Social audience appends will offer a compliant and extremely targeted audience source.

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