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CEO Marketing

Capture Every Opportunity

We are a strategic digital marketing firm that collaborates with you to Capture Every Opportunity through innovative marketing campaigns.

What We Do

 We don’t follow digital trends, we create them! We are constantly striving to develop new digital products and strategies that generate serious results. Simply put, our ability to target a specific audience is unparalleled. If you’re interested in getting more business from your existing marketing budget – let’s talk Digital!

Predatory Targeting

Advertise with Display or Video to consumers actively shopping for what you sell on your competitors’ websites!


We convert physical addresses to Lat/Long and advertise to people at a household-level based on specific criteria!


Target shoppers who have recently visited your competition’s brick and mortar locations!

OTT Streaming

We provide up to 30-second over-the-top streaming ads on OTT platforms like Roku, Crackle, and Apple!

B.i. PIxel

Capture the personal information of your website visitors, including their name, address, phone number, email address, and more!

Used Car Search

A dealer-centric company that provides auto dealers cost-effective products & services to help our clients sell more cars!


Our data aggregator tool uses offline data to identify the perfect target audience for your brand across all major social media platforms!

Why Choose Us


Dominate your market with Precision Mobile, our fully-integrated mobile platform designed to engage with consumers during their buying cycles. Our technology offers pinpoint accuracy, undeniable results, and comprehensive reporting. Choose your product based on GPS location, brand-specific searches, or audience demographics.

We make Digital marketing easy!

Let us help you reach your target audience and let them know what you sell. Our audience-based, hyper-targeted marketing strategy will ensure that 100% of your marketing dollars are spent on bringing in-market shoppers to your website or business.

Experienced Professionals

Allow our seasoned marketing experts to drive your company to new heights.

Out-of-the-box Digital Solutions

With our innovative techniques, your sales will continue to grow exponentially.

Customized Approach

We tailor our services to meet the specific demands of your business.

Here are some clients we have worked with!