About US

Robert Westall is the President and founder of CEO Marketing. After spending years working as an automotive marketing consultant for a large OEM agency, Robert began developing a series of new data focused marketing products.

“In August of 2005, I founded CEO with one purpose – to help my clients Capture Every Opportunity!”

“Too often, business owners can’t see all of the hidden revenue opportunities. That’s where I can help. CEO offers simple solutions to identify and capture un-realized profits in sales, service and finance.”

In 2014 CEO Marketing launched a GPS based Geo Fence platform called Precision Mobile. Today the Precision series of digital products has grown to include Dynamic and Competitive Re-Targeting and Precision Social.

Robert is also a Member of the Hero Club & the C-Suite Network.

In the few hours that he is not at work, Robert enjoys riding his motorcycles, spending time with his family ( Jennifer, Jackson and Lauren)… and partaking in a few glasses of Jack Daniels.

6209 E. Silver Maple Circle, Ste 103 Sioux Falls, SD 57110